Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Morning

With Lizzie and Diane away for the rest of the weekend, it was just me and Peter. I shoved him in his buggy and we did a circuit of the patch, looking for birds. Who would have guessed that having a whingeing 2-year old would inhibit my birding. Well, I'm shocked to tell you, it did. Though we had a good long play at the swingpark by The Retreat, checking the sycamores for Pallas's Warblers etc. And once we'd called at the shop and I could feed him Milky Ways and Kinder Eggs, he was much better. Still not a whole lot about, but the good haul of Blackcaps continues, with one at the top of the track by St Ann's, 4 in the Mill garden, and one in the lone sycamore at the clifftop. A few Goldcrests, too, but that was about it. We went home and watched 'Boo'.

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