Wednesday, August 29, 2007

At length did cross an Albatross...

...Thorough the fog it came;
As if it had been a Christian soul,
We hailed it in God's name.

Dinnae fash, I haven't been suppressing stuff. In common with everyone else on the east coast I found out that things had calmed down at sea today. Only 6 Sooty Shearwaters north, 05:50 - 07:05, and 2 Manx Shearwaters. There was an atypical passage of 150 Sandwich Terns (south), cf. 9 Arctic Terns (4N 5S) and 1 Common Tern S, 4N. Northern Gannets still holding their own (341 N, 89S), and a few Black-legged Kittiwakes (42N, 17S).

Most important for my patch year list were 4 Bar-tailed Godwits north. Also 1 Annoying Small Wader south.

2 Arctic Skua ads south, and 1 sat on the water quizzing the Kittiwakes about their breakfast. 1 Great Skua N. 9 Red-throated Divers south and 6 Common Scoters N pretty much complete the morning's programme of events. A Harbour Porpoise was lingering, and also that unidentified dolphin sp,. which is really starting to get on my tits.

"God save thee, ancient Mariner!
From the fiends, that plague thee thus! -
Why look'st thou so?" - With my cross-bow
I shot the ALBATROSS.

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