Monday, August 20, 2007

They call me Slim Shady...

...I'm back, I'm back. BirdFair info posted later.

So, lots of interesting things to tell. I *distinctly* remember telling you all not to see anything while I was away, and while Darrell obliged, I see the rest of you were out seawatching - bit of an East Coast movement with lots of Sooties and a few Balearic Shearwaters yesterday by the looks of it. Someone was stringing Great Knot and someone else was seeing Sooty/Bridled Tern (actually that might have been real for all I know). Also I noticed that on Thursday some helpful person had READ my blog and POSTED my Pomarine Skua onto BirdGuides. V nice - gave me a shock when I checked BG that night and saw someone else birding at N/hill, then realised it was me!

Went down to the sea this morning 05:45-07:00 to see if I could get some aftershocks, but it wasn't very good, although a single Sooty Shearwater came through north as I was preparing to give up at 06:55. No other shearwaters at all, but 14 Great Skuas (11N 3S). No other skuas, but 1 Velvet Scoter north. No other scoters, but a Common Scoter N. Oh, wait... that was another scoter. Well, no other other scoters, but another set of 41 Common (Mew) Gulls south, 121 Northern Gannets north, (28 S), 35 Northern Fulmars (26 N), 37 Sandwich Terns south, 1 Red-throated Diver (loon) north, only 6 Guillemots/Razorbills, all north (when they move out they really move out) and 1 Atlantic Puffin N.

1 Common Seal offshore was not the best of the mammal action, cos I am on such a roll just now I found this sultry lovely.
To be honest, I think we would all have benefited if I'd found it a few days ago, but being that small, with the proportionately long tail, I reckon this has to be a Pigmy Shrew Sorex minutus. A patch tick if true. As such, I dedicate this shrew to Marianne Taylor, in recognition of her 'hungry shrew hypothesis'.

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