Thursday, August 16, 2007

For once the rich white man is in control

Another early morning, and just in time. I was at the clifftops by 05:45 just in time to catch a Sooty Shearwater heading south at 05:50 in calm weather. The forefront of a good seawatch?? Not really. I got one other shearwater, a Manxie, before giving up at 07:00. A Pomarine Skua going north at 06:40 was good too, otherwise 2 Great Skuas south, 1 Arctic Skua north. 14 Arctic Terns went south, 1 Common Tern, another 9 Commics, 6 Sandwich Terns south and 7 north. Another 19 Common (Mew) Gulls going south today, reasons unknown, 186 Northern Gannets north, and 31 south. 5 Common Scoters north and 7 south. Most entertaining bird was a Grey Heron (at least I assume it was Grey) heading south skimming the waves about 2 miles out, begging the questions where did it think it was going (A. south) and how was it getting there (A. flying).

I seem to remember there's a 'record' of 4 huge eagles/vultures seen from Cape Clear circling the Fastnet Rock(i.e. about 4 miles away)
with ponderous wingbeats. That has always screamed 'heron' to me. But as they say, every day must have its hoodwink :-O

Only other thing, 2 Common Seals (Harbour Seals) Phoca vitulina poked their noses out of the water. Not as common as Grey Seal here.

So, short and sweet today and I'm off to the BirdFair - British Birds stand. Full of good stuff and don't forget the BirdGuides BBi DVD that promises to be better than something that's better than sex. NO ONE has to see any birds while I'm gone, OK?

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i wont be seeing any birds