Thursday, August 30, 2007

it's oh so quiet

No shearwaters at all this morning 05:45-06:45 in a westerly breeze. One Pomarine Skua, a pale adult, heading south tried to cheer me up, and there were Arctic Skuas (Parasitic), 1N 1S and a single Great Skua N. A bonus passage fo 54 Arctic Terns south, with 2 Common Terns and just 16 Sandwich Terns, in contrast to yesterday (10N 6S). Red-throated Divers (Loons) continue to pass through (15 south, 1 north). 2 Common Scoters south, 98 Northern Gannets north and23 south, 9 Black-legged Kittiwakes N and 11 S, about 30 Northern Fulmars, and a single Atlantic Puffin.

6 Barn Swallows came in-off at dawn - I thought they were meant to be diurnal migrants?


darrell j prest said...

oh yes very quiet i see!!!
1 hour and only 15 birds worth mentioning!
think yourself lucky!!

Boulmer Birder said...

Hello Martin, I could do with that Pom. I haven't had one since 05 at Boulmer.
Swallows - In 'The Lighthouse Notebook' by Norman McCanch he found a few corpses of them and Swifts under the light after some night migration. Saying that, I used to ring them at reedbed roosts, so its probably a case of some do and some don't!

Martin said...

I could do with that Pom. I haven't had one since 05 at Boulmer.

I'll swap you for a Roseate Tern.

Get back to your Skylark, Darrell!