Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who's a good pig?

Seawatch again this morning, 05:40 - 07:00, calm SE1-2 etc. Different every day, and today I started to catch up with my Arctic Skuas (3 south). Also 2 Great Skuas, south, then about 7:00 as a feeding flock of Black-legged Kittiwakes was building up (c100 birds), there were 2 Great Skuas sat among them menacingly, possibly the same 2. Also on the water, small rafts of apparently flightless Guillemots (Common Murres) and Razorbill adults, in the process of moulting their flight feathers all at once. Pestered by their kids as well.

This was one of those days like I had last year when Common Gulls (Mew Gull) are on the move (20 south) for no adequately explored reason, also 20 Arctic Terns south (one of the Arctic Skuas made a pass at them), 5 Common Terns and 19 'Commic' (the sun was in my eyes, M'lord, please don't beat me again). 25 Sandwich Terns back n' forth.104 Northern Gannet (62 north), 25 Common Scoters (21 N), 3 Common Redshank south and 1 Red Knot. best bird... a juvenile Little Gull feeding among the Kittiwake flock as I was about to pack in and go home. Another patch year tick... [FX, a Mr Burns-styleee 'Excellennnnnnt']

So mildly entertaining again, but I get the feeling the birds are all a bit happy and relaxed. They're getting flabby. What we need is a good storm to stir things up and bring me a few more shearwaters.

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