Saturday, August 04, 2007

He was not the sort to shout 'Eureka'. but he came close to it that day

I wanted to do something about the magnificently named Vero Copner Wynne-Edwards, but there's nothing I can do that beats Bill Bourne's effort for quirkiness. All hail Bill Bourne!

I've just notice VC W-E went to Leeds Grammar School, as did I, briefly. And it's not every day someone brings you a tray of Audubon's skins they just found under a pile of soot.

Soon I won't need to scan bits of old British Birds issues because it will all be available on DVD. BBi will be launched at the British Birdwatching Fair, celebrating 100 years of BB. And it's all on the DVD and it's going to be bloody brilliant, AND it's cheap. See the BirdGuides website for details. I like the way their promo material mentions Bill Bourne by name! Buy it... while... you... still... have... eyes.

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